Are you looking for a fairytale?

This may feel like ‘The truth hurts Thursday’, but let me assure you – it’s actually ‘Live your truth Thursday’!!

This entire blog (website) has been created to help us realise who we truly are. Who I am. Who YOU are. To help you enjoy the time you have right now. To learn. To grow. To be a good human. To be the best human you can be. To contribute.

I spent many years of my younger life believing that at any point in time I’d be sure to step into the perfect fairytale. Of how life was ‘meant to be’. I had subconscious expectations. Ideas of what my life would look like when I’d ‘made it’.

I think it’s best to get this out in the open right now – so we don’t waste any more time:

The whole fairytale thing… it’s crazy. And not the good kind of crazy.

We don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t know what ball will be thrown our way at any point in time. We’ve never been here before!

Let me ask you this:

What are you searching for in your life, that you think you haven’t found yet, because it’s not as you imagined or it’s not how you think it ‘should’ be?

Your body? Your relationship? Your family life? Your holiday? Your friendships? Your house? The dinner you just cooked?

What if you released the expectation?

This is a really deep question – it’s taken me years of learning and pondering to kinda ‘get it’.

The whole point of me asking is to invite you to ‘ponder’ too.

Because although we are constantly aiming to improve ourselves (point of life), it’s important to be content and understanding of where we are right now. It’s important to be flexible. Adaptable. Cut yourself some slack. You don’t want to miss out on the joy, the lessons, the experiences around you because you are dreaming about ‘what it will be like’ when…

One day, you might just wake up and realise that you could have really smashed out your younger years a little more… instead of searching for something you may not find. And those younger years… are also right now.

Let’s keep striving to fully discover ourselves, our capabilities, our gifts – and release the expectations we have about life. Because we don’t know what is in store and we can control only how we react in the present moment. If we shift our focus, that present moment just may be a little more enjoyable.

Would you like to add to the conversation? Comment below.

To being open, Jen x

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  1. Susan

    No expectations- no disappointments.
    Works for most life events especially ones of the romantic or family kind. xx

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