Focus baby…


Sometimes I find myself cutting too much slack.

I mean, I won’t go to bed without dinner, and I won’t survive the day without eating, and I won’t leave the house without some form of pants on (much to my disgust) – those things I know will definitely get done.

Why, when it comes to our dreams and soul creations, do we not work towards them every day, even if we are tired? Even if we’ve had a bad day? Even if we’re just not feeling it?

My inspiration today, when I’m not feeling entirely ‘badass’, comes from the amazing mamas & papas in the world. I’ve been thinking about you.

You guys are incredible. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t slept, haven’t eaten, don’t know exactly what day it is, haven’t washed your hair in forever – you will still get done what you need to get done. The kids will be fed. They’ll most likely be dressed. And maybe you’ve even taken them to school. Somehow, you make it happen.

I can relate this to myself in an interesting way (of course) in that, when you have a dream (one which doesn’t have arms and legs and relentlessly screaming at you all day), it is so easy to be distracted. To be swept up in daily noise. Or jobs. Or gossip. Or lose your self belief. Or whatever. It’s easy to push your own dreams aside or put them on the ‘tomorrow’ list.

The priority always needs to be the thing niggling at your heart and soul. This is where your true contentment and understanding of yourself lies.

The point of this life, is not to just ‘get by’, but to really discover how YOU work. What makes YOU tick. What lights YOU up inside. To really discover your own insides and embrace your own unique authenticity. 

Can anyone relate? Where are you being called to focus today? And where can you refocus?

What I know for sure is, that it’s damn hard having dreams and aspirations. It’s hard finding time to work towards them regularly. It’s hard when you are your own accountability buddy. It’s hard, but we can do anything we fucking want to.

Here’s to showing up, even when we don’t feel like it. Because at the end of the road, no excuse will be quite good enough.

Jen x


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