‘Gratitude’ – the follow up

The week that was – one of physically practising gratitude.

I have heard people banging on for years about this topic.

And I mean, banging. You must have gratitude. It’s the only way to be happy. Be grateful. I’m so grateful for my life. I’m so grateful for my shoes. I’m so grateful for these Doritos. OH MY OH MY, I am SO super duper grateful for everything… EVER!! #gratitude #grateful

For me personally, I feel thankfulness, humbleness and gratitude to the core of my being, every single day, for the things I am truly blessed with in this life. For the things, us, as a human society are blessed with in this life. Down to the skin cells holding me together. I stop to look at flower buds and am completely in awe of their beauty. I feel the sheets on my skin in bed and am truly grateful that I have a warm place to rest. I am thankful for the machine or human or combination of both who has woven that cotton together. I am just a really deep feeler.

I have heard this advice for a long time, though I haven’t kept up the routine of physically writing it down every day – I haven’t understood the point. I feel that it’s beyond pen and paper. It’s deep within you. It’s a state of being. A state of mindset. A state of life. It’s a daily choice. It’s who you are!

In saying that, I am not that much of a punk that I think I know everything. Or that there is ever one way to do things. I am always willing to learn more, for myself and my being – a state I would recommend to everyone.

After watching a YouTube clip from someone I hold high admiration for, the past week I decided to do it, write down things every day that I feel grateful for and actually document how it goes – for my own learning.

Read the initial blog and inspired challenge HERE.

Incase you’re dying to know – has it made a difference to my life? Do I feel profoundly different?

The very short answer is no. Honestly. I don’t feel any different. The main thing I have noticed is that at the time of journalling (the fancy word for ‘writing it down’), it HAS been uplifting to acknowledge the important things in my day, repeatedly. At times, it’s challenging. And at other times it can change your state of feeling.

I don’t think my short answer concludes that this isn’t an important practice or has long term benefits. I have heard the contrary. I mean, if the people who I admire the most use this tool, there must be merit.

After all, the most important things we learn in life, are from consistent, repeated action. And, more importantly, consistent, repeated action – when no one else is watching!

I believe gratitude is something to be felt for yourself. Truly, uninfluenced gratitude for the life you are blessed with. It’s personal. It matters. 

Give the journalling a go!! I am going to keep it up, and for those of you playing along at home, I would be interested in your thoughts on the topic!

Here’s to going deeper – for yourself, Jen x

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