It’s the little things… & my thoughts on flying!

I love travelling. I was put on this Earth to connect with people, experience cultures, immerse myself in wanderlust, fill my soul with new wisdoms & all that good stuff.

Which is EXACTLY what I am doing.

There is one small thing though… I don’t really love flying.

I love where flying takes me. I love the little pillows and blankets and fab service that comes with a long haul flight. I even enjoy the food (when it comes from a bubble). And I totally enjoy the speeds at which we travel. Blows my mind.

When I think about it, I am totally in love with the outcome, but not so much the process. It’s more of a (first world problem) must do for me. 

And it got me to thinking… how many processes do we go through in life, even ‘little’ things on a daily basis, that we don’t exactly enjoy, but it’s totally worth it for the outcome? It’s those little things, that lead us to the big things.

Things that take dedication. Perseverance. Consistency. Stubbornness. Relentlessness.

That we wouldn’t necessarily question doing, because we already know the rewards we will reap.

The main reason I feel the ‘uncomfortable’ creeping in when we fly is because my entire life is in someone else’s hands. I don’t mean to sound dramatic. But there is zero control.

There is always a silent sigh of relief when we are close enough to Mother Earth, that if something should happen, we are at a safe enough distance that we could just slide along the runway like a penguin in the snow. 

Every little bump of turbulence. Every little light flash. I am either distracting myself by sleeping, snacking, dazing, writing; or I’m really focusing on trusting in the outcome (of landing safely).

When you keep your concentration here & know where you are going, you can do exactly what you want to do. It just takes those above mentioned beauties – Perseverance. Consistency. Stubbornness. Relentlessness. Along with some deep breathing and self chatter!

Back to the speed discussion for just a moment, I’m a scatter thinker like that, I really do love the feeling of take-off. So I guess, if someone could just get the classic Dolorian working, that would be a-c-e!

The moral to this little piece of sightly random banter, is that we have so much going on, on a daily basis. Things that we don’t necessarily love or enjoy. But they are vital to reach the outcomes we desire.

So why aren’t we putting more focus on trying to enjoy these processes? After all, this is life! If we want to be happier, on a daily basis, we need to find a way to enjoy the daily repetition. What if we embraced our ‘mundane’ tasks with peace of mind, knowing we are living a life designed by us? That we are working towards our greater goals? That we have total control?

For the thinkers, Jen x

PS. I’d love to hear from you – what outcome do you love in life, but not so much the process of getting there?

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