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After the last novel of a blog – side note: causing snot bubbles was not my intention, but certainly the general consensus – I am going to keep this one short and sweet.

I’ve been in contemplation a lot this week about why we find it so hard to accept love and support – especially when we really need it.

I am currently laying in bed, recovering from surgery. I need to take it easy. I need to rest. I cannot bend. It’s a long-winded challenge to put my socks on. Cooking dinner takes longer and I need help to do the tiniest things.

And yet, when my gorgeous tribe are offering support or to bring food, I still find myself trying to graciously decline. The last thing I want anyone to feel is ‘put out’ trying to juggle their own life and families and then delivering me food! I am a strong, capable, independent woman.

‘Oh no, honestly it’s fine’

‘I’m ok’

‘I can do it, don’t worry’

The other night, I actually had a dream that I was superwoman. It was awesome. I was zipping all over the place and solving a lot of problems!

Buuuut, dreams aren’t real life. Sorry about that.

My message today is this: even strong, capable, independent women need HELP! No one can get through this life without a tribe. If you try, you will crash at some point, if not many. We were born to be a part of a tribe. It’s in our DNA. We love each other. We help each other. We pick each other up when we need to and we walk side by side the rest of the time.

While I’m at it, let’s look at this from another angle (because that’s what I always try and do).

By not accepting said help, love, support – we are denying the person offering the feeling of giving. We are not letting them be a part of the tribe. We are stripping them of that joy and belonging.

We all know how amazing it feels to help someone in need, lend a hand, or offer an ear. Do we really want to rip off those closest to us by not accepting and instead, crying because we can’t put the washing out, water the plants or pick that bit of fluff up off the floor… (yes, I did)?

Think about that next time someone offers to help you.

All you need to say, with a full heart, is ‘Thank you’.

Much love, Jen xo

PS. To everyone who has been lending me an ear, having sleep overs (aka babysitting), bringing thoughtful gifts, cooking amazing food and filling my freezer, picking home grown flowers and lemons. Thank you. I am one lucky lady and you belong in my tribe… forever!

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