The beauty of an open mind

One of my favourite times of the day is dusk. The light is glorious, the animals are tag-teaming, the air is cool and the energy is calming. Not to mention the photos are divine…

The other night we decided to go for a walk, along a new path, naturally, when we stumbled across a beautiful community garden space. Instantly my heart lit up a little more. People, spending time together, because they want to, growing their own produce, sharing with each other and learning about the ‘land’.

There was a young man there watering and we went to say hello.

The most refreshing, open-minded soul that he was, really captured my attention.

You see, a few months earlier, he and his g/f (who was sitting on a nearby park bench, reading a book) decided to go for a walk, down a new path… and stumbled across the gardens. Not knowing anything at all about gardening or how to keep plants alive, but keen to learn, he decided to go and chat to the community, ask some questions and learn!

The thing I took the most from this little evening stroll, was that your options are endless… if you keep an open mind. If something catches your attention or gives you a little spark, ask some questions. Find out about it. Take on a new challenge or hobby. Learn something!

There was another special thing we saw on that walk too, but I’ll write about that another day!

Much love, Jen x

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