impossible is nothing

Authentically me.



I’m an observer. I notice things. I am curious.
I always bring my sense of humour. I don’t take myself too seriously.
I believe life is an exciting challenge of creating balance in your own love triangle.
I’m different… and I like it that way.
I drive with the windows down and the heater on. I like the feeling of both so much.
The windows open in winter and 35 blankets. Sometimes I exaggerate.
I love taking pictures. I wonder where people are going, what they are doing, what their ‘story’ is. I wonder where objects have been before they make their sweet way to me. On what journey have they embarked?
I love a bit of hustle and am an extremely talented wanderer.
I love to listen.
I am sweet. I drop the f-bomb when I feel it’s necessary!
I love to explore; meet people; breathe the air of new places.
The thought of jumping in a car with no known destination excites me.
I sing in the shower & giggle at the thought of apologising to any ears in reach.
I adore my gorgeous tribe of friends and family & relish the time I spend alone.
I inhale green juice and love to dip biscuits in my hot tea.
I have common sense and regularly entertain my ability to push the boundaries.
I wear my heart on my sleeve and always carry a sparkle in my eye.
I love a bit of mischief. Cheekiness. Is that a word?!
I love to make up my own words.
I love high heels and the feeling of the grass in my toes.
The sound of rain on the roof and the sunshine on my skin.
I love hearing the bass playing from house parties; and the innocence of children’s laughter.
I am healthy in mind, body & spirit; and am excited and intrigued by what is still to learn. And there is always more.
I own a hula hoop, a pendulum, a tambourine, and lots of other random things that I consider to be very schmick.
I am in heaven with kale chips; mum’s chocolate cake; and everything in between.
I love to indulge.
I love meditation and pumping music until the windows shake. Not at the same time.
I am not an amazing dancer and I don’t care. It feels good.
Yoga serves my body.
I love sparkles and sparkles love me!
I love connecting with people. Meeting new souls. Hearing stories. Memories.
It’s all about creating balance and at times, throwing ourselves off balance in order to grow, learn & expand as a human. After all, we are here to become the best version of ourselves.
What works for us all is meant to be different.