Naked till noon

There have been so many things popping up for me lately, surrounding a topic very close to my heart.

Articles, memes, videos and conversations highlighting the fact that being comfortable in our own skin is not only a massive challenge for so many of us, which is much easier to ignore… but it is the one thing that is absolutely vital for our happiness. Vital to experience the true fulfilment that we all long for. A piece that is missing in our puzzle. That we seem to be constantly searching outside of ourselves for.

Coming from someone who has always been quite ‘in shape’ and healthy, and on the other hand, in younger days (which weren’t all that long ago), ridiculously unhappy with the lady looking back in the mirror.

The truth is, I spent a great deal of time looking in the wrong direction.

The woman I am today, really understands how crazy that seems. But I know it’s not. It’s not crazy. It’s a real feeling. It’s a real fear. It’s a real thing. And it’s a discussion we need to have. Because when you are aware of how you are treating yourself, you can begin taking steps towards changing it.

It’s not entirely your fault.

Where you go from now, is however, completely in your court.

We have been, and are constantly, conditioned by so much mainstream imagery and media to believe that we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smooth enough, not plump enough, not ‘whatever’ enough.

So, I wanted to pop into your evening and let you know, incase you are feeling what many of us feel, that that’s ALL BULLSHIT!

You ARE enough. You are blessed with your body and features. And, I don’t want to make a habit of ‘should-ing’ on you, but, it’s time to start taking some steps in a different direction, so you can stop wasting your time worrying. So you can learn to embrace ‘you’ and flaunt that shit around everywhere, while you’ve got it!

Really, own it. It’s easier said than done, but we can work together on this one!

One thing I know for sure is that I am not going to get to a ripe ol’ age and have regrets about the way I viewed myself years prior.

It’s time to make peace. Start looking in the right direction. And remember, you don’t need to be accepted by anyone other than yourself.

I thought I’d share with you, some of the teensy ways I practise becoming more comfortable in my own skin. Because it IS a practise. It takes time. And, like everything in life, it takes constant awareness and persistence.

Above all else, it requires you to be totally vulnerable with yourself.

1) I look at myself in the mirror. Really look. Admire my features. Admire my skin. Admire my eyes. Play with my hair. Whisper nice things.

2) Get naked. Yes! Practice walking around the house. Or doing your hair & teeth before you get dressed. Just spend some time alone courageously with your own skin. There have been days where I have challenged myself to stay naked until a certain time… like noon… and it’s fucking liberating! Seriously, start by doing a nudie run around the house and tell me you’re not giggling and feeling great when you’ve done a lap!

3) Get the music on. You know what to do next. We’ve talked about this.

4) I leave love notes. For myself. On the mirror. In my diary. On my alarm settings. Eg. ‘You are ________!’

5) Nothing will help your spirit soar like laughter. So jiggle those bits. *wink* Have some fun with it. We get so worried trying to live up to external expectations that we forget that this can actually be a lot of fun.

I would LOVE to hear what you’ve been up to after reading this!

To freedom, on many levels, Jen x

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  1. Deb Smart

    This made my day brighter and made me lol
    Great blog Jenni
    Thank you xx

  2. Susan

    I really love that ‘message on my phone alarms’. Updating now. Thanks Jen. Fabulous.

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