The ADVENTURE begins + my TOP TIPS for beginning something new!

Well this is an exciting journey to be embarking on!

Hello there… Jenni Jen here… it’s delightful to have you here! Welcome.

I have been wondering if I am a little behind the blogging eight ball but am pleased to finally be connecting with you none the less.

‘Behind the eight ball’ originates from the version of Pool called ‘eight ball’ (true story, I asked Dr G.) and actually means you are in a ‘difficult position’. Which, when you read my first sentence is actually a load of shit, because it’s never too late to begin something new or embark on a project you’ve always been interested in! Random pieces of information are included at no extra charge and for everyone’s enjoyment. I am forever amazed at the things we say, without even really thinking. We are on a journey. We are not behind the eight ball.

The truth is, it’s never too late to do anything. More about that later.

I am a raw sort and I wish to keep it that way. I also use the word shit frequently (as you may have noticed above) and the word fuck sometimes. Just putting it out there. Relax. They are only words. That’s the way i am, and i am embracing my authentic self daily.

The online world of blogging has always been intriguing and I’m delighted to have accepted the invitation into the vortex. I actually invited myself. And what a learning curve. The last year or writing; planning; brainstorming, cutting and pasting has finally started coming together.

Constantly observing the need for authentic harmony in life, work, relationships, pleasure, health choices & more and also witnessing those who conquer the mystery of balance like Vikings, I plan to share all of the appropriate things I discover with you along the way! I have also learned that it’s super important to throw ourselves off balance when we get a little too comfy in that grand old lounge chair with our feet up, in order to expand and learn. We will dive down that rabbit hole together too. Yay!

I plan to keep my posts short and sweet, helpful and as interesting as possible… Let’s begin here, where you can have a glimpse into the insides of ‘Jen’!

Enter with caution… just kidding, get yourself comfy & come inside.

You’re welcome to sign up and be notified of the latest posts, funny bits & bobs, vlogs, recipes, stories and interviews – you can choose to read on if they push your buttons; light your fire; spark your interest… or leave them be if not, of course!
Feel free to drop me a line, introduce yourself, tell me what you want (what you really, really want) to learn about, ask questions… you get it, right? I want to get to know you & I would love to hear from you!

So anyway, I’ll be doing my thing over here like a unicorn shooting out rainbows & look forward to connecting with you some more.

Keep it real,

Jenni Jen

My TIPS for beginning something new and seemingly scary:

1) Just make a start. Start with a notepad, sketch book, whatever you desire & just start brainstorming. Use pictures. Carry a notepad everywhere. You cannot possibly remember everything and ideas often come to us when we’re not conveniently sitting at our desk with our pens ready.
2) Get yourself inspired. Use pictures. Use the world wide web. Read more. Learn more. Cut things out. Paste them in your notebook. Take pictures.
3) Employ help. Ask for advice (be picky with who you choose – I recommend asking those who are doing what you want to do, have what you want, or are heading in the same direction as you); hire people who are good at the things which are not your strong point (or don’t interest you).
4) Keep going. If you have a dream; an idea; or a teeny spark that makes your insides tingle – explore it! You have a gift and the world needs it.

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