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It’s not often I get sucked into a fiction novel. Usually, you know me, I am off exploring some spiritual realm or reading about food and bodily functions…

That was until The Fashion Intruder arrived in my mailbox a few weeks ago. Filled with drama, determination and colourful language, this book will have you in a combination of awe and suspense the entire time!

The blurb reads as follows:

‘Will you finally give yourself the second change? Dare to escape the perfectly organised legal world and the bed of a whimsical lover, the La Scala’s leading male dancer? Be brave enough to enter the world of luxurious fashion and transfer every famous fashion street – boutique by boutique – to a virtual world? Are you keen to face moody stylists, bloggers and designers? Can you escape the anger of a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Or will it not be enough once you’ve looked into the piercing blue eyes of a Manchester United forward?

Rome, Paris, Milan, London, Moscow, New York – all will reveal their true colours: the leading fashion cities so powerfully controlled by fashion elites. You, aware of the fashion war between Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, are determined to become their worthy opponent. Are you ready?

The fight for your dreams starts now!’

I think I have been most captured by Roma E. Black’s pages because it has taken me back to many of the places we explored last year. Everything is described in the most beautiful detail, that even though I am sitting on my lounge in Melbourne, I feel like I am on the streets of Rome. Those gorgeous black pavement stones know as sanpietrini. The Trevi fountain. The Spanish Steps. The front window of the Valentino Boutique, among many others. I can still feel the sun on my shoulders and taste the ice cream! It is beautifully descriptive and it brings back my vivid memories of the The Champs-Élysées, Paris. I can hear the heels hitting the pavement all over again. The glorious sunshine touching the shoulders of the most sophisticated and stunningly fashionable women bustling about the streets.

The main character is the ever so sassy and incredibly smart, Sophia… Prim, proper and one of the best female lawyers in her industry. By day, she can be seen with a dull expression, a mundane suit and a wandering heart. By night, her heart comes alive as she hides under the online alias of ‘Fashion Intruder’, scrolling the internet for the latest fashion trends, tips and boutiques. When the idea crosses her desk of an online fashion boutique, one which she is employed to discourage, Sophia realises that she wants nothing more than to quit her job, follow her hereditary passion, passed on by her Nonna, for fashion and meet the expectations of all the Parisian fashionistas.

She shakes in her boots, but has such an overwhelmingly strong determination to follow her dreams, leave the legal world and enter the abyss of online business. She is relentless in the pursuit of her goals, decides (after much distress and late night chats with her girlfriends) to leave her legal career, and she will stop at nothing until she makes it successful.

A truly gripping storyline, jumping from city to city with its twists and turns, love and lust, suspense and laughter.

Sophia’s strength and courage is so admirable and she, along with her gorgeous creator, Roma E. Black, certainly have inspired me to follow my heart and passions with a little more ‘gusto’!! Because at the end of the day, all you need to believe in yourself, is you!

If you love fashion, a great plot and believe (and when I say ‘believe’, I mean, KNOW) that anything is possible… that you can follow your ‘wildest’ dreams (which you can!), live your truest potential and follow your passion, or, if you could use some inspo in exactly that, then The Fashion Intruder is most certainly for you!

Jump over to amazon to order your copy today – you can also find The Fashion Intruder on FaceBook and Instagram.

Chat soon gorgeous ones, Jen xo


Images by: The Fashion Intruder

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