Do you have a human spirit animal?

I sipped my coffee, staring at her in complete admiration as she stated with confidence and conviction, ‘I’m going!’ and strutted directly through a mud puddle on her way to investigate a duck, the pouring rain in her face. No shoes on. Completely determined. Utterly fearless. She was two years old. And will forever more be my mini human spirit animal. I will aspire to be more like her as I go about my days. When I’m making decisions. Prioritising. As I’m working out the things that really fuel my soul and the people who truly feed my curiosity and craziness.

For me, this focus needs to be almost by the minute. My brain and heart flutter from thought to thought and can require close supervision.

‘She has her own weather front’, quoted directly from The Drummer. I L.O.V.E. that.

It caused me to wonder what my own weather front looks like… Do I have one? Is it strong? Would someone need to strap themselves to a post if they saw me coming, like in the movie ‘Twister’? Do I want that kind of impact? Too extreme? Would I rather be a breath of fresh air on a spring day? Hmmm.

This got me pondering some more.

At what point in our lives do we lose our fearlessness? Lose confidence in flaunting our weather?

When do we begin worrying about what every other person may (or may not) think?

Is it that some people are able to connect with themselves from birth while others are swiftly disconnected the moment they begin their life on Earth? Because I don’t think there is a blanket age that people become whole.

Why does it take some of us so dang long to get back to self? Or to discover we are actually disconnected from self. Why do some people never even contemplate that thought? Why are you contemplating if I’m crazy right now? Why does it feel like such an uphill battle some days? Are we so comfortable being disconnected that we don’t want to entertain the possibility that there may be something we’re missing?

The more I think about it, the more awareness I bring to my own self and fears. I wonder if things would be so scary if we just talked about them? Didn’t bottle them up and think we were actually losing it… because I know for a fact there are other people out there right now thinking they’ve lost it too. I also know, that using my tried and tested method of speaking, ones problems lessen dramatically.

Maybe it’s not lost? Maybe we’re not lost. Maybe, we’re doing just fine with what we have and where we are!

In a society where it is constantly suggested that we are not enough or we don’t have enough or we don’t do enough, maybe it’s time we take a deep breath and begin to realise that there is a possibility that we, in actual fact, might just have everything we need.

That’s a whole lot of pondering for one day…

I’d love to know – who is your spirit animal human? Why? Have you ever thought about this before? Are they close by? Here on Earth or dancing with the stars?  Are they an insightful philosopher or a young child with their own ‘weather front’ or someone completely different? Why do you admire them? What is it? What quality do they have that you love?

If you have someone in mind, it might surprise you to know that those qualities you love in them are also present in you.

As a final pondering thought for today, just for a second (or more), try taking that person down from the pedestal you have propped them up on, sit them aside (offer them a drink), and climb your own arse up there.

Because that is where you belong. Give yourself some of the admiration you deserve.

Peace out, Jen x

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