It’s ok to ASK for help

A few years ago, I was going through a ‘growing’ patch. It was hard. There were tears. Frustration. Anger. Disappointment. Fear of failing. I was in the midst of deciding to leave a situation that no longer served me. I was confused and I had no clear idea of what the future held. It was some scary shit.

I decided to book an appointment with a lady I came across through a very trusted friend – I will refer to her as ‘my soul coach’ – not because she calls herself that, but because I made that name up and I love it. I was not coping with my own insides. I didn’t feel clear about what I was doing, or what I was going to do.

*side note. I find it unsurprising how the person/thing that you need, will find you, when you’re ready.

Walking into our first meeting, I was overwhelmed with an array of emotions. All of which were put at ease the moment we said hello.

I remember apologising for crying so much – a story for another blog!

No matter what goes on in my life, I always trust that things are working. No matter what happens. Sometimes it takes a while to see the rainbow through the rain, and more often than not, I believe you need someone to help you find your direction. To help you learn the lessons you need to learn – because until you do, they will keep presenting themselves. Have you ever noticed that?

In hindsight, which is in actual fact, the woman I am now – speaking to my younger self, I wonder how anyone makes it through this life without such guidance.

In the midst of our discussions, I found a lot of clarity, made some wonderful decisions, put in place some future plans and this blog was born. My life was redirected. I felt strong enough to deal with the things I needed to deal with, make some really tough decisions and know in my heart that I would be ok.

When you’re not seeing or thinking clearly, it’s a great idea to find someone, outside of your family and peers, whom you can trust and chat to openly. Someone who doesn’t know your situation and can help you see things with more clarity. In saying that, my friends were ah-mazing during this time… tho slightly biased of course, as we can’t always help that when we have a confused and upset friend on our hands!

It takes courage to face those feelings deep within us and I know for sure that it would be much easier to keep sweeping them under the carpet and pretending that everything is ok. 


It’s time to own who you are, take control of your future and start making decisions that will get you on the path you know you were born for. Because one day you will look back and thank yourself profusely for being so brave.

What advice can you give your younger self today? OR, what advice do you need from your future self today?

We’re in this together. It’s ok to ask for help (she whispers to herself).

With love to our younger selves, Jen x

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